If you have found yourself in a divorce situation, you and your children are probably feeling confused. You can find support and guidance in The Divorce Magazine. This magazine helps to cover a variety of topics from co-parenting over the holidays to helpful tips on raising your child as a single parent. You will also find insightful information for helping your children cope better with the loss of the previous family unit.

Even when you’re aware that you have very good parenting skills, coping with divorce will put those skills to the test. For example, if your child is under the age of 10, they will become very creative on trying to repair your marriage. It is normal for a child of this age to want their parents back together. You cannot give them false hope. You must acknowledge their feelings. You can apologize and reassure them the divorce is not their fault. It’s very easy when your child is upset to empathize with them and say anything to make them feel better. Being honest and loving is your best path with your child.


When you’re coping with separation and divorce, you realize your finances have completely changed. Trying to juggle your bills and your children’s financial needs can become frustrating. You can find helpful tips on how to arrange your financial situation in a divorce. You need to remember to take care of yourself during a divorce. The magazine gives you the opportunity to learn how to move forward with positive guidance.

If you are dealing with anger due to infidelity, the magazine can give you advice on how to handle your anger so it doesn’t destroy you. It will give you information on how not to blame your former partner for every problem in your life. For example, maybe your child was outside running and children and divorce fell while under the unfaithful spouse’s care. Children do fall, and it doesn’t mean they a horrible parent and don’t supervise your child correctly. With your emotions running high, you need to remember their emotions are as well. Keeping those emotions in check and thinking things through clearly is a key to keeping the divorce in check.

When you’re coping with divorce, it’s always nice to have some impartial guidance like this magazine can give to you. There are stories written by real people who have been in your situation. Your divorce can be kept in perspective through simple education.